Our Faculty

The teaching faculty of the Institute has been drawn from highly qualified and experienced teachers of the Central Universities and other reputed Institutes. To provide quality education and guidance normally a minimum of two teachers are engaged for each subject. In General Studies, 10 teachers are guiding the candidates.

Personal attention, effective teaching, senior faculty and adaptability to the changing trends stand us out. Tons of information that can otherwise be very confusing is simplified by our faculty to meet the needs of students of all types of caliber.



Name of the Staff Educational Qualification Teaching Experience


1 Y Mohan Rao (CEO) MA (Sociology, Anthropology)., M.Sc., MBA.,  LLB, B.Ed., 32 Sr. Faculty in Science and Technology & Anthropology
2 Dr. Veerabhadra Rao M.A., Ph.D in Political Science

M.A., Ph.D in Public Administration

40 Sr. Faculty in Public Administration and Political Science
3 D P Rama Rao MA (Economics) B. Ed 36 Sr. Faculty in Economics
4 Dr. D Venkateswara Rao MA (Political Science), MA (Public Administration), Ph. D in Political Science 32 Sr. Faculty in Political Science & Public Administration
5 B Srinivasulu MA (AIHC & A) MA (Tourism Management) 30 Sr. Faculty in History & Culture
6 Dr. G Bala Rangaiah MA (Economics), M.Phil, Ph.d,L.L.B 30 Sr. Faculty in Economics
8 K Satyanarayana M.Com 25 Sr. Faculty in Commerce
9 Dr. V Vijayasree MA (Telugu), MA (Sanskrit), Doctorate in Telugu 25 Sr. Faculty in Telugu & Sanskrit
10 Rajiv Vyas MBA, B.Sc, Ph.D 22 Sr. Faculty in Economics & Indian Economy
11 Kommu Vasantha Rao MA (History, Sociology, Pub. Add., ) 22 Sr. Faculty in Indian Polity
12 Bala Subrahmanyam LLM 15 Sr. Faculty in Legal Reasoning
13 Fathima Reddy S M.A (English), M.A (Sociology), M.A (Education), M.Sc (Psychology), M.Sc (Geography), B.Ed and M.Ed. 22 Sr. Faculty in Sociology & English
14 Dr D Subramani MA, B.Ed, Phd in Tamil 22 Sr. Faculty in Tamil
15 Kongara Srinivas Rao Msc, B.Ed 20 Sr. Faculty in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning
16 Dr Satish Kumar Mamidi MA, Ph.d (Hindi), MA (Sanskrit) 18 Sr. Faculty in Sanskrit & Hindi
17 Venkateswarlu C MSc, B.Ed 16 Sr. Faculty in Physics
18 B Sireesha MA (English)B.Ed 15 Sr. Faculty in English
19 Manikanth MA (English) B.Sc., BHMCT 15 Sr. Faculty in English
20 Koppula Srinivas Rao M.Sc (Maths) 14 Sr. Faculty in Maths
21 C Lakshmi Narayana MSc (Organic Chemistry) 14 Sr. Faculty in Chemistry
22 S Viajay Bhaskar MSc (Maths), B.Ed 12 Sr. Faculty in Maths
23 G Bharathi MA (Literature), B.Ed 12 Sr. Faculty in English
24 N Chakravarthi MA (History) 12 Sr. Faculty in History
25 B V Ravikanth MBA (HR) 11 Sr. Faculty in Indian Polity, Indian Economy &

Disaster Management

26 Mahesh Manga MCA, MCJ (Electronic media/Jounalism) 11 Sr. Faculty in Indian Economy, Science and Technology & Current Affairs
27 T Ravindra Reddy MA, M.Phill (History) 11 Sr. Faculty in History
28 Baburao Kunchala MCA 10 Sr. Faculty in History, Environment & Ecology
29 Namdev chivte MSc (Botany), BSC (BZC), B.Ed 10 Sr. Faculty in Geography & Environment
30 R Santosh Kumar B.Tech (ECE) 8 Sr. Faculty in Science and Technology,  Indian Polity & IR & IS
31 Kurva Sreenivas MA (Sociology), Ph.D (Sociology), UGC-NEET & JRF, B.Ed, MA (Public Administration), PGD in Rural Development 8 Sr. Faculty in Social Issues & Sociology
32 Veerendra Chintalapudi MCA 8 Sr. Faculty in Maths
33 K V V Krishnam Raju MSc (Computers) 8 Sr. Faculty in Indian History
34 Jella Ravi MA (Telugu), B.Ed 8 Sr. Faculty in Telugu
35 Vamsi Krishna M.Sc., (Computers) 8 Sr. Faculty in History
36 V Bharath B.Tech (ECE), M. Sc (Geoinformatics), L.L.B (General) 6 Sr. Faculty in Geography
37 Rajashekar Kuna MA (Public Administration) 5 Sr. Faculty in Indian Polity, Public Administration & Geography
38 B Sai Doondi B.Tech (Civil) 8 Sr. Faculty in Geography and IR
39 Ramya Keerthana B.Tech (CSE), PG Diploma in Banking and Management 4 Sr. Faculty in Indian Economy, Environment & Social Issues
40 Tunugunta Sai Krishna M A (Political Science) 4 Sr. Faculty in Urban Governance, Indian Economy & Current Affairs
41 Sreenu Kilari B. Tech, MA (History) 2 Sr. Faculty in Indian History & Polity

*Senior Civil servants and University Professors will handle special classes on Various topics and contemporary issues of UPSC syllabus

Along with regular faculty team a dedicated mentoring team will be allotted, who will look after your periodical performance and guide you in each stage to make you best to crack the Center and State service exams with ease and confidence