Being the most trustworthy companion of Civil Services aspirants, Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy again proudly introduces the Preliminary Test Series 2018.

It’s time to test yourself before you appear for the real quest on June 3rd 2018. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes the man perfect’, so is the case with the Prelims. Being the most trustworthy companion of Civil Services aspirants, Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy again proudly introduces the Preliminary Test Series 2018. Our unique approach to cover both static and dynamic part of syllabus along with crystal clear analysis increases chance to qualify for Prelims manifolds. It was evident in the last Prelims where most of the questions asked in Prelims 2017 were similar to those asked in Sri Chaitanya Prelims Test Series 2017. Our Prelims Test Series questions are created with the same approach as that adopted by UPSC.

Primary sources like PIB, NCERT, Government Documents have been taken into account for the exactness of expression, correct interpretation of important concepts and terms which enriches our test series exponentially.

Thus, you write and practice a test series which

  • Is strictly based on UPSC pattern
  • Helps you to assess your fundamentals as well as applied knowledge
  • Helps you choose the correct option with limited knowledge about the question
  • Prepares your mind to eliminate incorrect options
  • Program your thought process to counter tricky and correlated questions
  • Enables you to critically analyze your preparation
  • Improve your Examination Temperament
  • Gives you comparative analysis with other aspirants to identify your weak areas to work upon