It is time when the mind and the soul need to come together to fight against circumstances. This means a fusion of sound knowledge and spirit. A sound spirit is inherent to an Indian but sound knowledge can be gained better at the national level and not the state level. Knowledge gained under sagacious professors only and not just qualified ones can stand the test of time. And this superior knowledge is given in the institutions offering professional education at the national level in all fields.

Sri Chaitanya makes lives of students better by integrating preparatory coaching with regular Board Syllabus. Sri Chaitanya Junior Colleges offer Varsity proprietary test-prep courses: ICON, NEON, MEDICON, LEO, iCAP and IAS Academy. Students are prepared to study in the best institutions across the country – IIT, AFMC, NIT, AIIMS etc. in the fields of Engineering and Medicine; CA / ICAWI / CS in the field of Accountancy. Sri Chaitanya has also introduced a six year programme as a preparatory for the Indian Civil Services – Prelims (CSAT), Mains & Interview (Personality Test) for students to get into including IAS, IPS, IFS etc. early and reach top positions in public service. Students who step out of Sri Chaitanya learn to chase careers and not jobs. They grow tough – mentally.

It was observed that students from the rural areas do not have much access to professional education either because of lack of awareness or resources. Sri Chaitanya has taken the initiative to improve the careers and lives of underprivileged pupils by offering top quality education at minimum fee. We wish to see such students reaching high positions in their professional careers because they are capable and deserving. It therefore, becomes imperative that students aspire and focus on professional education where it is offered with proper infrastructure – physical and intellectual. The years that are invested in learning and gaining knowledge cannot be got back. They must, therefore, be invested wisely. Parents need to be aware of facts around so that their children can be given proper guidance without which their careers would be grounded instead of flying high. Where fragile knowledge can wreck an individual’s career and life – true knowledge can strengthen one’s character manifold.

True character can bring to surface our best quality to fight the worst adversity. The choice you make ought to be based on far-sightedness and not myopic vision. We wish you all success in the career of your choice.